vince (vincemosh) wrote,

so i decided to...

keep a log of all the films i've been watching, so i can remember which ones i liked and which ones were okay. i watch so many over a course of a month that it is sometimes hard to remember which one was which. feel free to scroll away and not read any of this because it is mainly for my own benefit.

"I Drink Your Blood"- pretty funny idea, but not as funny as the synopsis describes. satanic hippies catch rabies, and rape a farmer's daughter. the farmer decides to try and take revenge, but ends up getting drugged with lsd and sent back to his farm. the main thing i remember about this movie is that it wasn't as graphic as i thought it was going to be, and a black satanic hippie was running around with an axe yellling "whoo hoo the colored is going to get you!". I laughed a few times, but wasn't overly impressed.

"The Black Belly of the Tarantula"- about put me to sleep. I don't know if starting it at 12:30 a.m. or lack of interest in the film killed it. Probably both. A giallo with a killer with not black gloves, but plastic Party City hands injects the poison of a rare wasp into women paralyzing them, and making them witness their own demise. I think the main problem with this film is that the director had never directed this kind of film before (famous for the notorious Mondo Cane collection), and sucked and picking the cast. Either way by the end I was neither shocked nor interested on finding out whom the actual killer was.

"Ms. 45"- I liked a lot. It had everything a good grindhouse/exploitation film should have. A mute woman who works as at a clothing design company goes home after work and gets raped twice in one day. She gets raped on the way home and gets raped when she gets home. She decides that all men are evil, and decides to pull a reverse jack the ripper. she goes out late at night dressed as a prostitute and when men approach her she hoses them with her .45. I liked it way better than "Thriller: A Cruel Picture", but is a similiar revenge movie. The only problem is that the dvd is very hard to find in an american release and is severely cut to 80 minutes in an "r" rated version. Maybe one day an unrated version will see the light of day.

"The Stuff" was priceless. I can't even remember how many times I laughed at this movie. The whole idea from the theme song to the fact that they actually made this into a movie was amazing. People being killed by yogurt. Fucking shit. I would recommend this to anyone with a sense of humor, who enjoys comical 80's horror, or death from dairy products.

Other things I won't bother reviewing but enjoyed: Apocalypse Now, Kill Bill 1,2, The Toxic Avenger, Battle Royale, 300, and Grindhouse.

Next up on the agenda is: Townies, Children of Men, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Just Before Dawn, Coffy, and The Blood Splattered Bride.
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