vince (vincemosh) wrote,

bunch of blah

everything is pissing me off lately. one of those dumbfuck mall metallicos that got beat up at both the first byd show at cave9 and the bot house show works in the stockroom now. he denies getting beat up at both. i cant believe the bullshit that comes out of some peoples mouths. i hope he comes to converge so i can dropkick him in the forehead.
there is also some dumbfuck that got hired in framing that he's friends with that looks like seth cohen sp? from the oc who says he was there too and "that whole scene is lame". i hope i catch him off the clock.
my dumbass sister ran away again with some dumbass dude that hangs out in hazel green at a meth house. she wont answer or return phone calls. i called his punkass and left him a message though. i might be coming to huntsville soon to take care of that. i dont need anyone from there to get my back just go swimming and eat steak afterwards if i end up coming.
i got moved to home accents and i feel weird about it a lot.
i've watched probably 40+ horror movies in the last month. suspiria, the texas chainsaw massacre 2, zombi 2, and henry: portrait of a serial killer were my favorites so far.
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