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haven't updated in a while so here goes....

everything has been really boring lately. it seems like all i do is work and come home, and work and come home. maybe that is the "adult" world, but damn i have to have something to motivate me to keep doing this shit. i'm thinking i need to find a better job sometime in the near future, or better yet go back to school and get a degree in something. it's definitely easier said than done, but it would be dumb to waste all that time and money and get nothing out of it. i'm thinking business management? i just need to wait until i've been "independent" from my parents long enough to apply for some grants.

in other news, my dad is coming down a week from friday to get the zombie from dawn of the dead tattooed close to a half sleeve. it's kind of weird to think that my father would be getting a zombie tattoed on his arm, but at the same time i can respect that he genuinely doesn't care what people think and does what he wants to do for himself. chad soner is doing it, so i'm excited to see how it comes out because that guy does incredible tattoos.

Some Stuff To Check Out:

for those of you that don't know the new HATEBREED album "Supremacy" leaked on soulseek a couple of days ago. i was expecting for it to be something i could listen to and not have to think much about. i can't really pinpoint what they are going for on this album. there aren't any huge breakdowns, or the usual jasta growls. the first three songs are okay, but a little more mall metallico than i would have liked. the first song is horrible. "to the threshold" got rewritten from the version they made that homo video for. it's heavier than crap now and probably the best song on the album. the middle songs are okay, and i see a lot of ringworm sounding parts. the last three songs are probably my other favorites because they sound more rooted in hardcore than the other tracks. it's definitely worth checking out though. finally, it's not as good as satisfaction or perseverance, but better than the rise of brutality. it's a breath of fresh air with all the redundant bands that have been coming out as of late, but don't expect to be blown away.

Living Hell's "Pavor Nocturnis" came out last week as well. this ep is a breathe of fresh air. the first track is heavy as shit and the whole ep reminds me of trial mixed with integrity. a lot of the songs repeat beats and draw out the vocals like a lot of older ringworm/integrity's stuff. if you're into palehorse, another victim, trial, integrity, or anything heavy i would definitely check these guys out. it's available on revhq, either on rockvegas or is about to be. check it out.

stuff i've been into lately:

going back to huntsville saturday to swim and drink beer
hoping to go to chicago to see all out war, death threat, 25 ta life, and ramallah along with jeff and die young.
sex and the city
the world series of pop culture
rise and fall
reading all the brophies on the b9 board
the possibility of a blood for blood/cold as life u.s. tour
the new crime scene full length coming out at the end of august
depression and irreversible (kill the peace)
dawn of the dead
my air conditioner
being alone
john vg moving back to alabama
and definitely buying hoodies in the summertime because you can get some great deals. i bought both of these for 40 dollars:

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