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Yo we are going to eat tomorrow (June 25th) for Jennifer's 21st Birthday with her parents and then having people over to celebrate. It'll probably be around 8ish. Everyone and Anyone is invited. Seriously. We're just going to hang out watch some movies eat some cookie cake, drink some beer, you know whatever the fuck. Anyone interested in coming hit me up at 256-520-6449. send me a text, post a comment, call me, just show up, or whatever. sorry about the short notice. everyone wish her a happy birthday. you only turn 21 once. don't be shy!

one thing lately has rubbed me the wrong way. i dont usually talk about shit like this on lj, but fuck it. i'm sick of hearing shit and being ridiculed for the style of music i like. so the fuck what if i like bands that are intense and aggresive. so what if i hit people when i dance or get pissed and take up for my gf. first off, what happened was uncalled for and so i handled it in a mature way. believe me i was mad enough and couldve made that a really unpleasant scene if i wanted to but i didnt feel like going to prison. secondly, if a fucking GIRL is dancing and hits you be a man and take it and quit trying look hard by picking on girls. i never trigger anyone and take punches all night. if you want to dish it out you gotta take it in return. i get sick of people who dont have a clue what they are talking about trying to voice an opinion. seriously quit trying to be a e-thug and get a fucking life. i stand by what i like, i stand by what i believe, and nothing will ever change that. i'll move to atlanta, memphis, boston, ny, or whereever i have to, to do my thing. say what you want, but your shows still put me to sleep. there i said it.
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